The Red Apple Story

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From Sam Ciaramitaro, founder and owner of Red Apple Learning

Sometimes what we were born to do isn’t immediately obvious to us. Sometimes it takes some life experience to bring it out of us.

For me, it was a chronic debilitating illness. I found myself in my mid-twenties and unable to work for two long years.

Looking back, I had worked in many industries and roles. But my painful circumstances clarified my hindsight, and I began to see a common thread: helping people learn something new.

By the time I began to regain strength, my way forward had become crystal-clear. I would harness my passion for teaching and channel my years of teaching experience to provide the highest quality instruction to academic and music learners in my community.

As I began conducting sessions, the outcomes far exceeded my expectations. Not only was teaching and tutoring incredibly rewarding, but my hard work studying pedagogy paid off. Not only were my clients delighted, but the learning outcomes were amazingly positive–and in some cases, quite dramatic.

Since starting Red Apple Learning, I have provided several hundred hours of highly-personalized private instruction.

The COVID-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020 served as a catalyst for me to expand my team and offer the same quality of instruction to more learners. Rather than using traditional recruiting methods, I am tapping into my personal network to find expert educators who share the values that have made Red Apple instruction what it is.

We are here to provide something exceptional. We’re here to create positive, supportive spaces where your learners can flourish–perhaps for the first time in their learning journeys.

Are you interested in joining the Red Apple family?