Red Apple Learning Policy

Monthly prepayment

Sessions are prepaid at the beginning of every calendar month. Each monthly payment will be due by the first of the month. You will receive an invoice at least seven days prior each month. Resource purchases (books, learning aids, etc.) will be invoiced with your prior consent.

No-show policy (please read carefully)

When you miss or cancel a session, you will be entitled to a make-up session which we will eventually schedule as our calendars allow. You are entitled to a rolling limit of 180 make-up minutes unless otherwise stated in writing. Make-up minutes cannot be credited to subsequent monthly invoices. Prorated invoices (i.e., a partial amount) are available in cases of planned absences with no less than 14 days’ notice (vacations, holidays, etc.). These absences will not apply toward your rolling make-up minute limit. Prorated invoices are always available when a missed session is due to our absence.

Late show policy

Our instructors are able to postpone your start time by up to five minutes without shortening the session. Beyond that, your session will be shortened and the missed time will be ineligible for make-up sessions.

Late payment policy

Sessions will be discontinued past the due date until the invoice is paid, unless, prior to the original due date, you request a due date extension. The maximum extension available is seven days, after which sessions will be discontinued until paid in all cases. Sessions missed due to an unpaid invoice do not entitle you to a prorated amount nor are they eligible for make-up sessions (see above).

Payment methods

The following payment methods are available: credit or debit card (through PayPal), PayPal (Payments@RedAppleLearn.com), and check (please make out to “Red Apple Learning”).