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Want Help Educating Your Kids at Home?

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Qualified instructors are available to offer you:
  • Innovative and heartfelt virtual teaching and tutoring
  • Help for parents with learning new technology (like Zoom and Google Classroom) and making home education effective--and even fun!
  • Optional cost-sharing affordability plan

Any family that chooses to work with Sam will be blessed to witness their child’s tangible academic growth and improved self-image.

Jack and Alyssa Hughes
Dear parents,

My name is Sam Ciaramitaro. I’ve provided several hundred hours of highly effective instruction to learners around the San Francisco Bay Area.

When the pandemic sent millions of children home, parents like you suddenly found themselves “homeschooling” their children.

Overnight, you had to learn how to use Google Classroom and Zoom. You had to open your own print shop to prepare materials. You had to guide your children through new material and challenging homework. 

I wanted to help more families, but my schedule was already overflowing.

So I started teaming up with other educators who share my skills and values. Keep reading!

Meet your instructors!

Andrea brings three decades of instructional experience combined with a master’s degree in education and curriculum development. Her dedication to student-centered instruction has yielded extraordinary outcomes in both academic and athletic contexts. Andrea’s teaching style is both persistent and patient, and she is highly motivated to help your learner achieve success–in academics and beyond. 

Andrea does not currently have session openings.

Sam’s instructional background includes a series of business seminars, weekly youth gatherings in a church context, a bachelor’s degree in religious education, and many years of personal studies in the field of pedagogy. He aspires to deliver instruction that is both heartfelt and pedagogically innovative. His specialty has become educational interventions when unique learning challenges are present. 

Sam does not currently have session openings. 

Here’s what you can expect from Red Apple Learning:

If your student is having difficulty with a concept or skill, we’ll never blame them. It’s on us to go the distance and teach them in a way that works for them. This means we’ll teach the same thing ten different ways if necessary. We won’t stop improvising until we see a light bulb!

Often academic teaching engages just one or two areas of the brain. Recent discoveries show that there are at least five areas that can be stimulated to maximize your student’s attention span and capacity for deep learning. We use a wide variety of techniques and learning aids to accomplish this. We take pedagogy VERY seriously.

We use as many games as possible to engage the “fun center” of the brain, which enhances learning even more. Our goal is to inspire a passion for learning and positively reinforce daily disciplines.

Sam’s approach is completely student-centered with an emphasis on ‘whole-brain’ learning, which helps keep my son engaged and excited…

Christine Dekker
Both teaching and tutoring are available!


Your Red Apple instructor will prepare and deliver engaging, interactive lesson plans based on curriculum you provide. These sessions will be classes that are 100% customized to your learner--and FAR more active than the typical classroom!


Your instructor will help your learner with specific content areas or homework. Tutoring sessions are an adjunct to regular classwork and can work wonders for your learner's motivation, confidence, and grades!
Our 2020 offer:

To make it as effortless as possible to evaluate Red Apple Learning for you, we are happy to offer you:

  • 20 minutes on the phone to discuss your questions, requirements, challenges, and concerns
  • 20-minute tutoring session with an instructor to “test drive” our service
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